Hot Yoga in Mount Vernon, OH

The concept is simple: we will teach you a set of 26 postures that flow from one to the next, creating a rhythmic pace between each inhale and exhale. After a few classes, the consistency will bring you into a moving meditation, allowing you to stay present by focusing your attention on each movement. Through this increased mental and physical self-awareness, you will be able to deepen your postures safely and efficiently, helping you build strength, flexibility and balance. The mindful practice of this yoga has been shown to consistently reverse the effects of aging, stress and can also help regulate metabolism.

The classes generally follow a 26 posture sequence with 2 breathing exercises in a room heated to 100-110°F with 40-50% humidity. Each class is designed to stimulate every organ, gland, muscle in the body resulting in a comprehensive system of practical health maintenance and disease prevention. Our heated room allows the entire body to stay warm and prevents injuries, allowing each practitioner to work deep into the muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and cells of the body.

For more information regarding our hot yoga and Pilates classes, contact Hot Yoga Escape, LLC in Mount Vernon, OH today! Our yoga classes are perfect for the whole family and you won't be disappointed.


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