At Hot Yoga Escape, LLC in Mount Vernon, OH, we offer Pilates classes at our fitness center that stay true to the core principles of Pilates. It is part of our physical fitness program that will benefit you in the following ways: improved breathing, better flexibility and centering, stronger focus and control, and a more graceful body.

Our Pilates and hot yoga studio offers different options and classes for those who want to take Pilates classes. We have private training that allows you to personally learn with our Pilates instructor one on one. This helps those who would like to advance their Pilate techniques or for those who are beginning and want to learn step by step. Regardless of your level, our instructor will cater to your needs.

For inquiries about our fitness programs and other gym services, don't hesitate to contact us today. From yoga classes to Pilates, we have it all. Visit Hot Yoga Escape, LLC in Mount Vernon, OH today!